Thread Maiden - Kelly McKinnis

 In a world populated by over 3.8 billion women it is 

sometimes hard to feel unique and seen for just who you are...
But screw it!
We are here to recognize individual women being themselves and to celebrate ladies one at a time for being totally one of a kind.

Follow us on each release we will spotlight a new maiden and get into how she spreads her beauty, grace, and, unique aesthetic into our beautiful world.

Straight outta’ Chi-town our newest maiden, Kelly,
is second to none!
This coffee loving, career driven, animal enthusiast and newly engaged chica has us like, “whoa!” and we couldn’t resist putting her in the spotlight!
Naturally, Trista and I interrogated her and this is
what she had to say-
I’m 25 years old and right now I am a graphic designer at a really great company in St. Petersburg, FL. I create magazines, promotional pieces, websites - all that fun jazz! On the side, my fiancé and I do photography. We focus on weddings and couples, but we also shoot families and portraits as well. Eventually, we'd like to make it our full-time gig! It's definitely not easy working a 9-5 and using the nights to work on photography, along with all our other responsibilities, but I honestly love it and I know the
hard work will pay off!

I get inspired by people who work really hard at what they do to make their dreams a reality. Sounds kinda cheesy, but seriously, every time I see a person or group of people who are really making things happen and are go-getters, it makes me want to get myself in gear and do better than what I'm currently doing.
I'm goofy. Kinda weird (who isn't though?), and I'm kind of obsessed with coffee. You will almost ALWAYS see me in the morning with a cup o' Joe, and in the afternoon, and maybe in the evening too lol. I used to be a "dogs-only" girl for so long until I met my cat, Finn. He's the fluffiest, sweetest cat ever and
has a permanent grumpy face 😍 I think another thing
that makes me, is fitness.

My Instagram was (and still kind of is) dedicated solely to fitness and although I don't workout as much as I would like, it's such a big part of my life and something I really enjoy! I've met a ton of awesome people within the fitness community, some of which have become close friends of mine!

Oh, and Chicago is another ingredient to the Kelly recipe (lol sorry, bad analogy) and was my home up until I was 23 when I moved to Florida. Big cities are my calling and hopefully I'll live in one again!
I think my mom and dad are one of, if not the biggest inspirations I have in my life. I don't look up to too many people honestly, but my dad's always had good advice for me growing up and still gives me advice to this day, has taught me many things in life, and has been able to create a successful business with
my mom that supports our family.

My mom is very dedicated to what she does and has always had a lot of creativity. What more of an inspiration do you need, right?

 We have a website for our photography business,, and graphic design website is Instagram is @kellymckinnis and Matlock's is @matlockprime