Thread Maiden - Marine Ramelli

 In a world populated by over 3.8 billion women it is

 sometimes hard to feel unique and seen for just who you are...
But screw it!
We are here to recognize individual women being themselves and to celebrate ladies one at a time for being totally one of a kind.

Follow us on each release we will spotlight a new maiden and get into how she spreads her beauty, grace, and, unique aesthetic into our beautiful world.

A true explorer at heart, our newest Maiden, Marine has us going full Audrey Hepburn in thinking “Paris is always a good idea!”.
As if we weren’t already thinking that!
Marine is a 24-year-old Parisian who celebrates the arts in every fashion!
Being from Los Angeles we had to know what it was like growing up with so much rich culture and history. Here is what Marine had to say-
I am a French girl who thinks in English, is half Italian, loves the British and pretends to be American. Being a Parisian kind of sticks with you wherever you go. I keep thinking that I don't have a French accent…, I just say "Hi" to someone and they ask me where I’m from.
As my main line of work, I am the Event Director for a company that organizes shows during fashion week in Paris. Even though I work in a very serious industry, I am not scared to be who I am even when I am surrounded by people that are completely different. I actually get very inspired and curious about others. I love watching how people interact and observing the different environments
I am in and learning from them.
Traveling has been a big inspiration for me. Visiting a new culture, cityscapes, people, food and languages has helped to sculpt my personal artistic viewpoints.
I am a passionately creative person and the arts are really where my focus is at.
In life, I find that having a powerful and strong group of women around me who are not afraid of making a difference in the world really motivates me to work harder and faster towards my own goals.
Movers and shakers- basically anybody who is going toward their goals and helps others along the way are the people that truly inspire me the most. 

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