Thread Maiden - Selisha Lanier

 In a world populated by over 3.8 billion women it is sometimes hard to feel

unique and seen for just who you are...

But screw it!

We are here to recognize individual women being themselves and to celebrate ladies one at a time for being totally one of a kind. Follow us on each release we will spotlight a new maiden and get into how she spreads her beauty, grace, and, unique aesthetic into our beautiful world.



Ever meet someone who is a breath of fresh air? This is 100% our newest Maiden, Selisha.

She is creative, not only for herself but in her ability to add that sparkle to any situation or any day. This girl truly embraces the brighter things in life. 

We wanted to share her sunshine; so we asked her a few questions and here is what she had to say-

I am 43 years young!

I am inspired by helping people become the best versions of themselves. I love the beauty of nature and the simple pleasures the world has to offer

like a day at the beach

I have spent the last 15 year as a professional real estate agent and I love helping people find the right homes for them to build a family or achieve whatever they are trying to do with their investments. 

I love Fashion! I have a degree in fashion design and spent a large part of my 20’s living in New York and doing pattern design for many prominent designers. 

What makes me, me is my ability to find the best in any given situation and my unwavering desire and willingness to become better and better every day in every area of my life!

I’d say my biggest inspiration is my mother who delivered and raised 13 children! She’s a woman who never complained and who exemplifies strength and courage to carry-on no matter what! 

She’s a female superhero!