Thread Maiden is composed of 3 chicas and one badass mission! We all grew up in different parts of the U.S. and have 3 completely different styles and body types. We wanted to make a company that was just as unique as us! So here is our story:

It just started to feel impossible to be different without actually having turquoise hair or shaving our heads (Let's be honest, that's not even individual anymore...that's everyone).

We realized early on that we worked well together and one random day decided to make a clothing line. We were inspired by the idea of working for ourselves and having a good team mate to create with. Trista having a history in fashion, styling, and being a social media influencer and Sydney running her own custom picture framing factory and having it in her blood being the Granddaughter of fashion designer Ben Sherman decided to take on their own fashion hustle. We welcomed Ariel onto the team in early 2019. Her passion and drive for media, marketing and all things fashion made her a natural fit. Now the 3 amigas work daily to captivate and inspire our following through imagery and design.

Thread Maiden came about because of the idea of exclusivity. We were sick of seeing the same ole' cheesy women's inspirational quotes in the same font on every sweater and t-shirt... It didn't represent us as women and we found didn't represent any of the women we knew either.

We source high quality materials and use the best printing/embroidery technology out there. Thread Maiden is meant to embrace women as individuals and is not mass produced just as women are not mass produced.

We only do limited runs of each design and once it's sold out, the design will not be made again.

This is our way of keeping Thread Maiden unique and exclusive, but without it costing a fortune.

The concept of a girl gang resonated deep with us. So, we made a crew... The Thread Maiden Crew

All the feels,

Trista, Syd & Ariel